Starting Out Edit

Upon starting the game, the player is prompted to choose between Survival Mode and Creation Mode, as well as create a world name and input a seed for the world generator (optional).

(Note: This wiki will concentrate on the survival mode gameplay.)

Inside the World Edit


The player is transported into a random world biope with no zero items in the inventory, a scarf as starting gear, as well as three hearts for life points and five apples for hunger points. Over time, the apples will diminish by one quarter of an apple and can be replenished by having the character consume food. If the player receives damage from a monster or by falling from a height, the damage is reflected by a reduction in the character's hearts, depending on the gravity of the damage. The points can be found at the upper left corner if the screen, along with the character's level gauge and the amount of coins earned in that world.

Navigation Edit

The control pad is found at the lower left part of the screen. The left and right arrows can be used for walking or running (double tap and hold) as well as control the direction of jumps. The up and down buttons are mainly used when climbing up and down ladders. At the lower right of the screen are the jump (A) and action (B) buttons. The player can make a higher jump by tapping the A button twice. The B button can be used to attack, shoot arrows, collect materials, and carry animals (unlocked at level 5).

Daytime and Night Time Edit

There are two time slices in the game - daytime where the player can easily navigate the world areas, and night time where monsters start to appear. (Note: Monsters also spawn during daytime but not as frequently as compared to night time) The two time slices seem to have the same duration and are transitioned by a fast dawn/dusk sequence in the sky. Night time can be quickly passed if the player makes the character sleep on a bed.

Inventory Edit

The inventory can be accessed through the inventory button at the upper right corner of the screen. It is depicted with an ellipse ( . . .) image. The inventory has a total of 20 slots, with 16 in the inventory interface and 4 accessible through the gameplay screen. The 4 slots serve as shortcut inventory so that key items are easily accessible to the player.

When the inventory interface is opened, the pause, exit inventory, achievement, and recipe book buttons are available. Also displayed are the shortcut inventory slots, crafting area, and the garbage function. When items are dragged into the garbage can icon, items are removed from the inventory and are transferred into the world area. These items will disappear after a while if not picked up. (Note: The game is not paused while the inventory interface is on.)